What format can I send?

1. Digital file formats up to 96K/24 bit, BWF preferred
2. DAT tapes 48k to 32K/16 bit
1. 1/2 or 1/4 inch tape, 15 or 30 ips

Should I use a buss compressor on my mix?


In my opinion, and those of many other older professionals, the single most insidious and destructive obsession destroying music today is the over use of compression. I say: use as little as possible. The reason most mixes sound lifeless and “quiet” is because all the transients have been obliterated by all those nasty little compression plug-ins inserted on each track. And then, because the mix “needs pumped up”, it is buss compressed just to kill anything that is left.

Can you make it loud?

Remember: you are all sentient beings with the power to use the volume control. Don’t fear it. Generally “loud” sounding records are dynamic with the sound sources relatively undamaged by over-processing. If the audio has been stripped of all life by the over insertion of processing ego, it probably will not sound loud.

I can make it “louder” to a point.

Can you edit my audio for a radio single?

No problem.

Can you clean up noisy recordings?

The amount of clean-up depends on the type of noise, where it is located in the music and how much time and money are available. The results can vary and there are no guarantees. I do what I can.

What is the maximum audio on a CD?

Generally it is not a good idea to go much over 70 minutes.

Do we get to sit in on the audio mastering session?

That depends on the budget. I have no problem with clients attending sessions, but attendance is not possible with the cheaper package rates.

What is included in a standard audio mastering session?

The cheapest mastering package includes me doing an unattended mastering of the CD, and then supplying a reference CD. The client decides on any changes, and attends an up-to-four-hour touch up session. Then the master DDPi and final reference CD are produced.

What type of master will I receive?

I can provide a DDPi or CDR master. I prefer to supply a DDPi. A CDR is theoretically just as valid, but the DDPi, being a data file, provides better data integrity.

Can you add IRSC codes?

Yes. They are added at the final stage when the master is generated.