Grammy Winner


Welcome to Sonosphere Mastering

Sonosphere was designed as a dedicated mastering facility. It reflects my personal views of what a critical listening environment should be.

I developed these ideas over 20 years in record production, primarily in New York City and the UK. It is the result of thousands of hours spent making and recording music, designing and building studios and equipment, and trying to understand what works and what doesn't so that the result brings out the very best in music. Mastering provides the bridge between the recording studio and the marketplace. It is a qualitative as well as an artistic process. It is the last chance to correct any problems while providing an opportunity to maximize the transfer of information between artist and listener. Because that is what music really is: a transfer of information. At Sonosphere I try and optimize this connection so the message arrives to the listener with maximum clarity

Let me bring out the very best in your recording.



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